General Litigation Services

Our firm offers professional general litigation services and includes inter alia the following:

  • Instituting and defending legal proceedings;
  • The drafting & opposing ‘Notice of Motions’.

Drafting & opposing urgent applications to:

  1. Compel;
  2. Interdict;
  3. Protection orders;
  4. Spoliation application;
  5. Application for imprisonment;
  6. Application to find or confirm jurisdiction;
  7. Evictions & many more.
  • Settlement negotiations;
  • Drafting settlement agreements;
  • Motor vehicle accident claims;
  • Third party claims;
  • Bail applications;
  • Liquidations;
  • Sequestrations;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Legal advice on matters;
  • Disputing insurance claim rejections;
  • High Court & Magistrate’s Court litigations.
  • Personal injury claims and much more.

Contact Grovès Attorneys for Information on Our Litigation Services
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